Moscow Theatre of Peoples, Puppets and Shadows “Reflection” * Ìîñêîâñêèé òåàòð êóêîë, òåíåé è àêòåðà «Îòðàæåíèå»Sergei Molchanov Artists Management - IAMA Russian member, Opera, ballet, piano, violin, conductor, choreographer, dancer, bass, baritone, tenor, soprano, mezzo-soprano, counter tenor, alto, Produced, classical music

Moscow Theatre of Peoples, Puppets and Shadows “Reflection”

Moscow Theatre of Peoples, Puppets and Shadows “Reflection” was founded in October, 17 1994 in Moscow.

Theatre’s repertoire includes puppet performances and puppet gala-show “Bravissimo” for children and adults. The performances are based on the world’s classics by Perrault, Andersen, Wilde, Pushkin. Puppet gala-show “Bravissimo” is a sequence of different scenes and sketches featuring unique puppets of different size.


2005 – II International Festival of Puppet Theatres “Moscow holidays”

2005 – III International Sergey Obraztsov Puppet Festival

2008 – III International Festival of Puppet Theatres “Moscow holidays”

2008 – V International Festival in Lobnya, Russia

2009 – II Moscow Festival “Fairy World”. Prizes “Best Actors” and “Best Interpretation”

2009 – Festival Lagaminas-9, Panevezio, Latvia

2010 – Street Theatre Feastival, Liepaja, Lithuania

2010 - Festival in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Almaty State Puppet Theatre, Kazakhstan

2011 - VIII International Festival of Puppet Theatres “Moscow holidays”

2011 - II Victor Luferov Art Festival “Crossroads”

2011 - I World Puppet Carnival in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Diploma and a Prize “The best puppet animation”

2012 – 4-th International Festival of Puppet Theatres “Diven”. Ukraine, Khmelnitsky. Diploma “For the Artistry and Innovation in the Puppet Theater”


Andersen. “The Nightingale”. Puppet parable
Andersen. “Wild Swans”. Puppet musical
Perrault. “Cinderella”. Puppet fairy-tale
Perrault. “The Sleeping Beauty”. Musical Performance - Extravaganza
Pogorelsky. “Black Hen”. Magic Story with puppets
Pushkin. “The Queen of Spades”. Tragical puppet performance for adults
Saint Exupery. “The Little Prince”. Puppet confession
Wilde. “Star Boy”. Mixed drama with puppets and actors

Puppet gala-show “Bravissimo” presented by Harlequin, Pierrot and Truffaldino has a special place in the repertoire of the theatre. This show is the Winner of the two International Puppet Competitions. It includes instant costume transformations, illusion tricks, flying and dancing puppets, funny magic and audience involvement.


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