Theatre of live puppets and carnivals, , Sergei Molchanov Artists Management - IAMA Russian member, Opera, ballet, piano, violin, conductor, choreographer, dancer, bass, baritone, tenor, soprano, mezzo-soprano, counter tenor, alto, Produced, classical music

Theatre of live puppets and carnivals

Lively music, fun characters, colorful costumes and spectacular shows

The performing company was created in 1989 by professional actors.

The company toured to many cities in Russia, as well as to UK, Germany and Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Serbia, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.

The company participated in the International Puppet Festivals.

Shows and carnivals offered:

CRAZY ORCHESTRA (1 hour, 13 participants)

KINGDOM OF FOOD (1 hour, 12 participants)

ANIMALS CIRCUS (carnival and interactive game, 12 participants)

BALL OF INSECTS (carnival and interactive game, 11 participants (5 actors on stilts))

COMEDY del ARTE (carnival, 18 participants (4 actors on stilts))

For further details please contact us at info@smolart.com


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Full member of International Artists Managers' Association (IAMA), London