Sergei Molchanov Artists Management - IAMA Russian member, Opera, ballet, piano, violin, conductor, choreographer, dancer, bass, baritone, tenor, soprano, mezzo-soprano, counter tenor, alto, Produced, classical music


SMOLART was founded in 2009 in Moscow, Russia. Its main focus is on ballet, opera, instrumental and folk music and folk and modern dance.

For the moment SMOLART is the only Russian agency accepted as a full member of the International Artist Managers Association / IAMA

SMOLART represents both Russian and foreign artists and theatres and organizes their performances and tours.

We offer to our foreign partners:
  • individual artists (opera singers, ballet dancers and instrumentalists)

  • complete performances (Russian ballets, ballet galas, Russian folk and modern shows etc.)

You may be interested in representing our best artists in your country or even world-wide. Although we do have exclusive contracts with our key artists we would be prepared to modify them in order to transfer their international representation to you if this is to the benefit of the artist. We make a careful selection of the artists we represent from the angle of their ability to make an international career.

You may also be interested in us as your local partner in Russia, promoting your artists here and assisting you in your Russian-based projects.

Our services include:
  • visa support

  • assistance in conclusion of a contract with a Russian promoter

  • design and production of advertising materials

  • control over ticket distribution

  • optimization of financial settlements and tax payments

  • assistance with artists accommodation and travel arrangements


Full member of International Artists Managers' Association (IAMA), London