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Promotion at the international conferences
    SMOLART attends major international conferences for agents and promoters in Europe (IAMA), China (SPAF) and North America (ISPA). The direct meetings with delegates and promo-materials distribution at these events are important and the most effective tools for the international promotion of artists and performing companies.

    You can see our past-conference reviews at the following link

    The report on 2012 IAMA International Conference in Budapest

    The review of SPAF 2012 Conference in Shanghai

    The nearest International Conference (SPAF 2013) will be held in Shanghai in October 2013.

    Please see our proposal with regard to this event – HERE.

Concert management
    Arranging your concert is an immediate way to introduce you both to the public and professionals.

    Rental fees in Russia and other former USSR republics are much lower than in Europe and can start from 500 USD for quite a big hall. The revenue from the ticket sales will be given to the Artist.

    On your behalf we can approach your country Embassy/Consulate, cultural organizations, corporate entities for financial support.

    SMOLART can try to arrange a concert partnership agreement with the venues when all the expenses and profits are shared between the venue and the Artist according to the contributions of both sides. SMOLART can also consider becoming a partner (promoter) of your concert.

    If you are ready to consider renting a venue for your promo-event then our agency would be happy to provide you with full project-management services including:

    • searching for the best suitable venue in selected city (ies) considering the rental costs and available dates;

    • arranging a contract with the venue and ticketing agencies;

    • designing, producing and distributing of the promotional materials;

    • assisting you in all financial settlements in order to minimize taxes;

    • providing visa support (if necessary);

    • low cost accommodation for artists in Moscow;

    • approaching potential sponsors on your behalf.

    We can also invite the relevant people in the music business to your concert.

    Please read SMOLART Director article for the “International Artist Manager” in order to better understand the advantages of promo-concerts HERE

    Phases of concert organization process and standard price list for concert management services

    Samples of concerts managed by SMOLART.

Partnership agreements and partial sponsorship
    SMOLART can become a partner of concerts, competitions and other similar events. The agency also can consider participating as a partner in CD/DVD production and distribution.

    To make a decision on partnership offer SMOLART needs to receive a business plan with a detailed description of the project, including its budget, target audience, geography and timing considerations.

    Profit from partnership projects is distributed among the partners in proportion to their contributions.

    SMOLART’s share in the total project expenses may not exceed 50% of their total budgeted amount.

    SMOLART may also consider providing partial sponsorship for selected events. In order to make a decision on sponsorship we need a complete information about the event, including its full program, target audience, date and venue, number of seats in the venue and their pricing. We also need a detailed information about the artists (their biography and photos) and links to project video presentation or sample video clips from the project.

    Samples of project video presentations - HERE and HERE

    The terms and conditions of our participation can be discussed after careful evaluation of materials presented in case of our interest in the offer.

Search for international management for you
    We can recommend you to our partners (other agencies and agents) in Europe, Asia and North America and assist you in negotiating of your contract with them in the case of their interest.

    This service can be provided after review of your materials under a separate agreement between us.

Other one-time services
  • Creating your professional portfolio in Russian and English (from 50 Euro, depending on the scope and complexity of work)

  • Creating your personal website in Russian and English (from 100 Euro, depending on the scope and complexity of work)

  • On-time promotion at the international conferences and similar events attended by SMOLART

  • Preparation of the contract with promoter or review of proposed contracts from financial, legal and tax viewpoints (price depends on the scope and complexity of work)

  • Assistance in resolving difficult issues with your business partners

  • Providing you with low cost accommodation in Moscow while you are there for auditions (from 60 Euro/night*)

  • Advising you on the appropriate professional competitions to attend and providing help with paperwork

  • Visa support

  • Concert and tour management (the fee depends on the planned amount of concerts and their locations)

PLEASE NOTE! The terms of cooperation on one-time projects depend on the project type and may be sent to you in case of your interest by request.

Permanent cooperation

Samples of promotional materials

Video presentations

How to join SMOLART

Low cost accommodation in Moscow

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