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Success story of Baritone Amartuvshin

In May 2010 Sergei Molchanov meets baritone Amartuvshin at his first international competition - International Opera Singers Contest of Galina Vishnevskaya. Amartuvshin passed only the first round at that contest.

Sergei offers Amartuvshin to become an exclusive SMOLART artist.

SMOLART signs with Amartuvshin for 3 year exclusive general management under special conditions.

Sergei sends information about Amartuvshin to the Director of Paris Opera Competition.

Amartuvshin is among 20 singers selected for International Paris Opera Competition.

Sergei personally accompanies Amartuvshin to Paris Opera Competition. Amartuvshin doesn’t reach the final of the competition. Another SMOLART artist – experienced tenor Medet Chotabaev – wins III prize.

SMOLART thinks through the Competition Strategy for 2011-2012 for Amartuvshin and other important details. Sergei Molchanov offers Amartuvshin to change his stage name.

The Competition Strategy included selection of materials for preliminary auditions, composing programs for competitions, regarding the peculiarities of every competition, booking flight tickets and hotels, provision of low-cost accommodation in Moscow, visa support, financial support for the singer at the first stages of his career (under special conditions).

SMOLART registers Amartuvshin for OPERALIA 2011 in Moscow, Tchaikovsky Competition in Saint-Petersburg, Queen Sonja Singing Competition in Oslo, Dresden Opera Competition Competizione dell'Opera in Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow.

SMOLART organizes vocal master-classes for Amartuvshin with leading Moscow professors two weeks before his participation in Competizione dell'Opera.

Amartuvshin wins a Second Prize and Special Audience Prize at the XIV Tchaikovsky Competition, become a semifinalist of Queen Sonja Singing Competition and takes 4-th place in Competizione dell'Opera.

Amartuvshin didn’t even pass the preliminary auditions at OPERALIA 2011 but next year he becomes the winner of OPERALIA 2012.

After winning Second Prize and Special Audience Prize at the Tchaikovsky Competition Amartuvshin is awarded Honored Artist of Mongolia and becomes one of the leading soloists of State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Mongolia.

In 2011 SMOLART presents Amartuvshin to the Ukrainian audience in Opera Gala concerts.

Amartuvshin debuts in “Rigoletto” on Russian stage.

In 2012 SMOLART registers Amartuvshin for OPERALIA 2012 and composes him new program and new set of presentational video.

Baritone Amartuvshin is selected for OPERALIA-2012 and he becomes I prize winner of OPERALIA-2012.

After Amartuvshin won OPERALIA 2012 SMOLART arranges his participation in “Rigoletto” in Valencia.

SMOLART signed a contract on behalf of Amartuvshin with Palau de les Arts«Reina Sofia» for 6 performances in Verdi’s “Rigoletto”.

In January 2012 SMOLART presented Amartuvshin materials to the Director of the International Singing Contest Francisco Vinas in Barcelona and reached a preliminary agreement with him about Amartuvshin participation in the Contest without his preliminary auditions.

Baritone Amartuvshin wins three prizes in the International Singing Contest Francisco Vinas 2013 and becomes one of the best young baritones of the world and absolute record holder in Mongolia in amount and significance of Competition victories.

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