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SMOLART works with individual artists and performing companies (hereafter referred to as “artists”) either on permanent basis or on selected projects.

The decision on the type of cooperation is made after the review of the artist’s materials. Please press HERE for the list of materials we require from the artist.

Our services under permanent cooperation option include:

Principal services
  • introducing you to professionals looking for artists for their artistic projects, festivals and concerts

  • negotiating with local promoters in Russia and former USSR on your behalf

  • designing your webpage on our site www.smolart.com in Russian and English, containing your professional biography, repertoire, photos and video clips

  • adding you to the SMOLART Artist Roster and to all electronic newsletters sent by the agency

  • designing your individual promotional materials and their distribution at all professional conferences and similar events attended by SMOLART. Please click on the links below to see the reports on the recent conferences attended by SMOLART:
    Link 1
    and Link 2

PLEASE NOTE! The scope of services depends on selected cooperation package. Details on cooperation packages are sent after the review of materials presented in case of our interest in permanent cooperation.

Other services
  • Creating your professional portfolio in Russian and English

  • Creating your personal website in Russian and English

  • Advising you on the appropriate professional competitions to attend and providing help with paperwork

  • Draw up contracts or examining terms of proposed contracts from financial, legal and tax viewpoints

  • Helping you to resolve and negotiate any difficult issues with your business partners which may arise

  • Providing you with low cost accommodation in Moscow while you are there for auditions or competitions
Full list of additional services and their prices are displayed in the section “Cooperation on selected projects”

Special services for young artists
    Depending on the terms of our agreement we may consider offering direct financial support to young artists to cover part of their expenses on international competitions and other art-related projects and provide them with free accommodation in Moscow while they are there for auditions or competitions.

    These special services are available only to exclusive SMOLART artists on the basis of additional agreements with them.

Ñooperation on selected projects

Samples of promotional materials

Video presentations

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